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Join us at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

Thursday 5th March, 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Kino Cinema, Collins Place

With second-hand clothing set to overtake fast fashion in the next 5-7 years, Good Thing presents Making Fashion Circular: a panel discussion about embracing circular and sustainable fashion.

About Good Thing

The aim of Good Thing is to drive awareness of and inspire sustainable consumption of fashion and housewares in Australia.  As a society we are using too many resources and making too many disposable choices, which is having a negative impact on the environment.

Good Thing is a champion of the circular economy.  We envisage a world where we are extending the life of the things we have, eliminating unnecessary waste and ensuring the selection of socially and environmentally sustainable brands when buying new.  

The challenge is that many of us don’t know where or how to make sustainable choices.  To solve this challenge, Good Thing will curate a series of educational and retail experiences focused on three core elements – good new things, good used things, and good fixes for things. 

This way we can ensure that every time we make a purchase, we know we are doing a Good Thing.

The Good Thing team

Teresa Smith, General Manager
Bethany Crotty, Project Coordinator
Nicole Roe, Sustainable Retail Consultant

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